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tbing Post time 2023-9-27 15:55:57 | Show all posts |Read mode
We have collected a number of popular feedbacks about sci-hub. Before you express your opinion, you can talk about your views on sci-hub in detail through the following directions.

1. For the scientific community, is the emergence of sci-hub good or bad?

2. For you, has the emergence of sci-hub really helped you?

3. What is sci-hub’s next plan? Do you have any good suggestions?

4. Suppose sci-hub really stops working one day, what will you do?

5. Any questions you want to ask or anything you want to say


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Mariana1516 Post time 2023-9-28 04:12:41 | Show all posts
1. It's really good because it allows me to conduct research without spending hundreds of dollars, which wouldn't necessarily benefit researchers in the first place.

2. Scihub has been an essential part of my undergraduate and postgraduate life. I wouldn't have survived without it. I don't have the money to access the hundreds of papers I've read. Sometimes, you read articles that you don't end up using for your research, so paying for them would be a waste of money.

3. Scihub should consider collecting the papers shared in wosonhj and making them available on the website.

4. Cry

5. I strongly urge Scihub to consider collecting and making the papers from wosonhj available on their website. This would significantly benefit the research community by streamlining access to recent papers. People are already verifying the correctness of the uploaded/shared articles with the "adopt" functionality.

Thank you for reading. I hope the idea I mentioned in point five is taken into consideration! :)
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oregon_bro_643 Post time 2023-10-1 07:23:12 | Show all posts
Edited by oregon_bro_643 at 2023-10-1 07:24

Scihub is great, but I think it's a severe mistake for them to stop uploading in the hopes of winning the Indian court case. I see no reason to suspect that the Indian government is going to rule in their favor (there are powerful Indian and non-Indian publishing houses that likely hold a lot of sway). Meanwhile the uploading freeze has significantly disabled a lot of global research, by removing easy access to article from the last few years. Scihub should just accept that they are illegal, and continue as a source of underground content, rather than cripple themselves in the probably doomed pursuit of legal success.
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GhassanNar Post time 2023-9-27 23:27:48 | Show all posts
1. For the scientific community, of course the emergence of sci-hub is good because none of the authors benefits financially from the papers.
2. Yes, because I'm a student who can't afford scientific articles.
3. From my point of view, sci-hub should focus on uploading the latest articles, although "wosonhj" is efficient, and i think sci-hub should add a book section.
4. If sci-hub stops working, it would become miserable for me personally and other people.
5. It really satisfying to see a community helps each other for the sake of passion.
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anotherone1 Post time 2023-9-29 05:58:10 | Show all posts
1. Extremely good. Flow of information should be free around the world. Putting research behind a paywall is literally cutting of access of knowledge and hampering the progress of humanity.
2. Immensely. I read extensively, and write too, by virtue of being a law student. Hundreds of pieces I would have never been able to read had sci-hub not been there.
3. I don't have any suggestions per-se. The site is perfect as it is now. Trying to "improve" something that already gets the job done super-efficiently could result in it getting worse. However, a contribute/upload feature would be nice, where people could upload things they were not able to get on sci-hub but got access later somehow.
4. There's literally no other good alternative. Cry.
5. Nothing. Just keep up the good work. I know it might not pay a lot, but I want you guys and the people handling it know that there are thousands who appreciate the efforts.
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mamjavad Post time 2023-9-28 15:29:52 | Show all posts
I wish we could download papers in wosonhj too!
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EugenHeiderhof Post time 2023-9-28 23:14:05 | Show all posts
It is a godsend. The only criticism: In the recent years it stopped working that well for new papers.
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dread36 Post time 2023-10-2 13:37:27 | Show all posts
anotherone1 replied at 2023-9-29 05:58
1. Extremely good. Flow of information should be free around the world. Putting research behind a pa ...
> There's literally no other good alternative. Cry.

Nexus is existing for years providing access to more papers than Sci-Hub. Cry that people just do not know about it.

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Fukodlak Post time 2023-9-28 02:13:02 | Show all posts
5) Why you removed "search" field?
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Ilona3 Post time 2023-9-28 18:30:05 | Show all posts
Sci-Hub is really valuable to students.
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biosciencenow Post time 2023-9-28 11:47:00 | Show all posts
1. I think it's good because papers are more widely distributed but it's bad for the publishing houses because they lose out on the high fees charged.
2. Yes it has helped me enormously, especially with hard to get papers and books.

3. Maybe do a merge with libgen?

4. I will go back to using google scholar.

5. Yes I'm wondering why you got rid of the search feature. Also, it has been a little hard to get books lately. I know those are more difficult though.
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arvi Post time 2023-9-28 18:28:56 | Show all posts
1. You are no longer limited to the subscriptions your university decided to pay, or to open access if your are independent.
2. It's simple and easy to access.
4. That kind of happen already.
https://open.spotify.com/episode ... CayocF_iuw&nd=1
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